Nitex Enterprises, India
Distributors of Industrial Lubrication System Products
About Us

Nitex Enterprises establish in 1991 is one of the leading distributor for Maintenance products for trouble free operation in todays demanding industry. We represent world known companies like Simatec Ag - World Class Lubrication, Mounting and Dismounting tools, Arvis - Plummer Blocks and Plain Bearings etc.

Our groups association with maintenance field has been for more than two decades from which we have gained immense knowledge in marketing such high tech products and we have earned a reputation among our customers spread across the country for good Sales and after Sales Services. We have customers scattered across the country in all sorts of streams like cement plants, steel industries, power generation plant, petrochemical industry, defence, ferrous and non-ferrous plants, etc.

Our company's mission is To provide WORLD CLASS Innovative PRODUCTS & SERVICES to industries at their Doorstep.