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General Application

Food Industry

Bearing lubrication at a vegetable washing machine.
Filling line in the beverage industry.
Chain lubrication at a rice washing machine.
Conveyor in the beverage industry.
Palletizer in the milk and cheese industry.
Turret lubrication in the meat industry.

Paper and Cardboard Industry

Bearing lubrication with simalube 30ml.
Bearing block lubrication at a conveyor belt.
Bearing lubrication at main shaft of a pulper.
Drive shaft of a ventilator is lubricated by a simalube 250ml.

Mining Industry

The simalube is widely used in the mining industry.
Maintenance managers of quarries trust in simalube.
Automatic lubricated motors by the flotation.
On a high demand of lubrication, 250ml simalube's are applied.
Continuous lubrication of pumps.
Cogwheels at ore filters are lubricated by simalube.
Conveyor belt of bulk goods are automatically lubricated.
Lubricated bearing blocks on conveyors.
Bearing lubrication at the drive roll.
The lubricators are protected by metal covers at jaw crusher machines.

Wood Industry

The automatic lubricator simalube applied in the wood industry.
simalube installed in the wood industry operation (conveyor plant).
Lubricating points in saw mills are usually very dirty.
Several simalube lubricators are serving the grease points.
Ideal solution for difficult to get to grease points.
simalube lubricators are connected with hoses to the greasing point.
Automatic lubrication of the counter bearing.
Bearing block lubrication with simalube.


The lubrication system simalube for all elevators.
simatec elevator brush for guides 5 - 16mm.
Detailed picture of the simatec elevator brush set.
Installed elevator brush set.
Complete mounted elevator brush set in operation.
simalube lubricator filled with oil.

Wind Power Plants

Detailed view of the nacelle.
Main shaft is lubricated with two 250ml simalube.
Bearing lubrication of the generator.
Detailed photo: Lubrication of the main shaft.
Detailed photo: Lubrication of the generator bearing.


The slew ring has to be lubricated regularly.
The lubricant is applied to the bearing trough the outside.
The slew ring greasing with several simalube lubricators.
simalubes are fixed and protected by a metal installation.
Simalube reliable lubrication of cranes.
Reliable simalube lubrication at cranes.

Hospital and Clinics

Bern University Hospital.
A 60ml dispenser attached to a ventilation motor.
A 30ml simalube lubricator greases a compressor.
simalube attached to a ventilator motor horizontally.
Lubricating the bearings on the drive shaft of a belt with a 30ml dispenser.
125ml simalube dispenser installed on a plummer block.

Graphic Industry

Printing machine.
Folding machine Heidelberg.
simalube is installed at the printing machine.
Lubrication of the cogwheels of Heidelberg folding machine.
Lubricators are installed with clamps at thread-stitching machine.
Lubricator in the front. Maintenance manual installed direct on the machine.


The automatic lubricator simalube is used in the car industry.
simalube is often used at greasing points which are difficult to get to.
Lubricator fixed with clamps. Connection to the greasing points with a hose.
Three simalube lubricators 60ml at work.

Chemical Plants

The automatic simalube lubricator applied in the chemical industry.
A 250ml simalube greases an electric motor.

Sewage Treatment Plants

The automatic simalube lubricator in operation at seawage treatment plants.
250ml. lubricator fixed with a clamp.
Detailed picture of a 125ml simalube.
Pump lubrication with simalube.
Lubricator installed at a fine screen.
Wastewater treatment plant equipped with brushes at the chain lubrication on coarse screen .

Cable Cars and Mountain Railways

Matterhorn cable car "Glacier Paradise" in Zermatt.
Gemmibahn in Leukerbad.
Lubrication of the carrying cable of the cable car "Glacier Paradise".
Installed simalubes with protective caps and extensions at the cable car plant Gemmibahn.
Detailed picture of the lubrication of a carrying cable.
simalube lubricates the carrying cable of the Gemmi cable car at each pylon.

Automation Industry

There are many applications at the automation industry.
Automatic lubricators are often used in the automation industry.
Parts-removal robot of injection die casting plants.
Detailed simalube picture of the parts-removal robot.
simalube by marked a client with the activation date.
Lubricator is installed on the horizontal axis of a parts-removal robot.

Cement Industry

In der ZIn the cement industry there are countless applications for the simalube lubricator.
At miles long conveyors, the simalube finds optimal lubrication applications.
The bearings are automatically lubricated with simalube.
Bearing lubrication at a stand pump.
Lubrication of the bearing of a pump drive shaft.
simalube works under adverse conditions.