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Simatherm Induction Heater IH 070


Simatherm Induction Heater IH 070The IH 070 is intended to heat smaller to mid-sized work pieces up to 80 kg. The IH 070 comes equipped with 3 yokes and can be outfitted with an optional swivel arm.

Due to the external induction coil, the device exemplifies efficiency. The performance can be adjusted to four different levels according to the user's requirements.

Technical Data

Criteria Designation
Designation IH 070/230V, 50 Hz
IH 070/110V, 60 Hz
- Maximum weight
- Bore diameter

80 kg
20-400 mm
Temperature control
- Range
- Magnetic probe
- Accuracy (electronics)

0-250 C
Yes, type K
+/-3 C
Time control
- Range
- Accuracy

0-60 minutes
+/-0,01 seconds
Maximum temperature 400 C
Thermometer mode Yes
Bearing temperature mode Yes
Power reduction 4 step /
20-40-60-80 %
Automatic demagnetisation residual magnetism Yes
< 2A/cm
Can heat sealed bearings Yes
Can heat pre-greased bearings Yes
Error guiding codes Yes
Thermal overload protection Yes
Maximum magnetic flux 1.5 T
Control panel Keyboard with LED-display
Size of the operating area (W x H) 145 x 205 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 420 x 280 x 345 mm
Overall weight including yokes 35 kg
Maximum power consumption 3.7 / 2.2 kVA
Standard yokes 14 x 14 x 275 mm
28 x 28 x 275 mm
55 x 55 x 275 mm
Core cross section 55 x 55 mm
Yoke storage Yes, internal
Sliding arm -
Swivel arm Optional
Cooling fan -
Housing material Aluminium