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Simatherm Induction Heater IH 240


Simatherm Induction Heater IH 240The IH 240 is designed to heat very large size bearings up to 800 kg. A bearing of 445 kg weight may be heated up to 110 C in only 10 minutes.

The IH 240 is a stationary ground model. The transport of this heater is easily made possible with a forklift or a pallet truck.

Technical Data

Criteria Designation
Designation IH 240/400V, 50 Hz - 460V/60 Hz
IH 240/500V, 50 Hz - 575V/60 Hz
- Maximum weight
- Bore diameter

800 kg
142-850 mm
Temperature control
- Range
- Magnetic probe
- Accuracy (electronics)

0-250 C
Yes, type J
+/-3 C
Time control
- Range
- Accuracy

0-60 minutes
+/-0,01 seconds
Maximum temperature 400 C
Thermometer mode Yes
Bearing temperature mode Yes
Power reduction Yes / 50 %
Automatic demagnetisation residual magnetism Yes
< 2A/cm
Can heat sealed bearings Yes
Can heat pre-greased bearings Yes
Error guiding codes Yes
Thermal overload protection Yes
Maximum magnetic flux 1.5 T
Control panel Keyboard with LED-display
Size of the operating area (W x H)
330 x 355 mm
Coil diameter 186 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 750 x 400 x 935 mm
Overall weight including yokes 300 kg
Maximum power consumption 24 / 27.6 kVA
Standard yokes 100 x 100 x 570 mm
Core cross section 100 x 100 mm
Yoke storage -
Sliding arm Yes
Swivel arm -
Cooling fan Optional
Housing material Steel