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Hydraulic Bench Vise / Machinist Vise

Hydraulic Bench Vise

Hydraulic Bench Vise

The PHV859A is a must-have for every workshop. Offering 5 tons of force and a hands-free operating design, this device can ease repetitive, heavy, over-sized, awkward or multi-piece jobs.

Machinist Vise

Machinist Vise

Posi Lock's MVP5 was designed by our manufacturing division, with all the needs of machinists in mind. Its safe, fast, and effortless operation is guaranteed to enhance efficiency, productivity, and worker satisfaction.


Posi Lock’s revolutionary bench vise provides 5 tons of clamping force, plus an air control valve for variable speed and safety.


Manual Puller Parts and Accessories

The expected moment has come. In this video I'll make a hydraulic vice. An old vice was broken. This occurrence has given me a lot of motivation to doing new one. I decided that I'll make it so huge and solid as it possible.