Slick Bar

Anion Specialty Chemicals is a leading supplier of specialty lubricants and chemicals to the pulp and paper, cement, lime, and mineral processing industries. Anion Specialty Chemicals manufactures technologically-advanced solutions for numerous manufacturing applications. We are a supplier for rotary kiln trunnion, dryer and mill lubricants, graphite blocks, melting lubricating bars, and nano-based resurfacing solutions.

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Support pad wear leads to high tire clearance and creep, high shell ovality, and ultimately refractory failures. Use of Anion SlickBarTM Kiln Tire Lubricant Bars will minimize friction across the support pads, in turn minimizing tire retainer pressure and the risk of catastrophic failure of these retainers. Wear of the support pads and tire bore is also reduced by Anion SlickBarTM Kiln Tire Lubricant Bars, minimizing the risk of support pad and refractory failure. High tire stop block pressure is a common maintenance problem, which can be detrimental to the mechanical stability of your rotary dryer/kiln. The source of this condition is axial friction between the tire bore and the support pads. This friction occurs when the plane of the tire is not perpendicular to the shell axis, a common occurrence on all types of rotary equipment. The nonobvious and the most damaging consequence of the axial force components between the tire and the shell is wear of the tire support pads. Pressures on the stop blocks is caused by the interaction between the tire bore and the support pads; so stop block loading is always accompanied by wear of the support pads

  • Increase Wear Pad Life
  • Minimize / Eliminate Weld fractures
  • Extend Refractory Life, increase Stop Block Life
  • Minimize Shell Ovality, Reducing Kiln Lubrication time to <1 MINUTE at each pier per week
  • Typically 3-4 Slick Bar TM per pier per week
  • Maintain Creep, Protect the shell during start-ups and shutdowns
  • Contains No Oils, No Waxes and No Petroleum that could collect debris or auto-ignite

Anion SlickBar ™ Kiln Tire Lubricant Bars are specifically designed for application on the Tire Retainers, Riding Rings, and Support Pads of Horizontal Calciners, Rotary Kilns, and Rotary Dryers.

Anion SlickBar ™ Kiln Tire Lubricant Bars can be easily inserted between the filler bars where it melts & releases the high temperature solid lubricants. The product’s high solids content fills the surface imperfections resulting in a smoother bore surface, lower friction and less wear. The improved lubrication between filler bars and riding rings results in less friction & wear, minimizes tire retainer pressure and extends eventual shell and refractory failure due to support pad wear (or high tire creep).

Anion Slickbar

Anion Slickbar
  • Melting lubricating bar designed to provide superior lubrication to the Kiln tire/shell interface.
  • Does not contain any hazardous ingredients and is considered 100% natural.

Performance Properties

Solids Content 51% Typical
Melting Point 150 F
Texture Smooth/Hard
Color Black/Brown
Cone Penetration for Base @ 77F 8 Max
Corrosion 24hrs. At 212F
  • Copper: Pass
  • Steel: Pass
  • Aluminum: Pass
Rust Inhibited Yes
Viscosity @ 100C 8.4 CST

Anion SlickBar ™ Kiln Tire Lubricant Bars, consists of agriculture grade high viscosity index thickeners with, Graphite, Aluminum and Copper solid film - forming Components.

Anion SlickBar ™ Kiln Tire Lubricant Bars, provides an adhesive high solids film to assure maximum protection from excessive wear, cold welding and galling in an easy to apply form for severe high temperature application.

Anion understands that for kilns with extremely high temperatures, sometimes a liquid spray with a long applicator wand is the more desirable application method. Anion Slick-Spray is a highly effective, non-flammable kiln tire spray lubricant and is the proven answer to this problem.

Anion Slickspray

Anion Slickspray

High-temperature tire creep, the distance the kiln shell moves relative to the tire each kiln revolution, results in a horizontal motion that naturally elevates the pressure on your kiln's tire stop blocks. This pressure can cause:

  • Highly-effective, non-flammable kiln tire spray lubricant.
  • Provides premium metal adhesion and greater load carrying characteristics than any other liquid support pad lubrication available on the market!
  • Friction between your kiln's tire ID and its support pads
  • Higher shell ovality degradation rate
  • Expensive support pad replacement
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars in unexpected maintenance costs and lost production time

Slick-Spray ™: Anion's Plant Preventive Maintenance Answer

Fortunately, Anion's plant predictive maintenance product line includes Slick-Spray™, an exceptional kiln tire spray lubricant that is the only one of its kind to exhibit intermolecular attraction properties. Slick-Spray™ provides premium metal adhesion and greater load carrying characteristics than any other liquid support pad lubrication available on the market. Best of all, Slick-Spray™ is easy to apply with a small, pressurized sprayer outfitted with an articulated spray nozzle.

  • Maximum protection from galling and cold welding
  • Reduces friction
  • Easy to apply
  • Exhibits intermolecular attraction properties

Slick-Spray ™: For Kiln Preventive Maintenance

Find out how easy it is to let Slick-Spray deposit a solid, slick coat onto the surface of your tire bore and kiln support pad’s outside diameter. Once applied, Slick-Spray™ will grant your kiln maximum protection from galling and cold welding. Slick-Spray's soft metal solids quickly fill your kiln's surface imperfections, which in turn:

  • Reduces friction
  • Increases the potential to easily triple the lifespan of your kiln's tire support pads
  • Proven to minimize your kiln stability by decreasing your kiln’s support pad wear and reducing its retainer pressure