The Column

The Column is a crystal-clear oil level sight glass that allows you to visually inspect the condition and level of oil in pumps, gearboxes, storage tanks and reservoirs. It features a one-piece design with 1-inch NPT threads at each end and includes a 3-micron breather. The Column can also be plumbed to vent back into the equipment’s head space. Two tamper-proof level rings mark the idle and running oil level. Each ring is made of durable polycarbonate and secured in place with a hex screw.

Combine the Column with the Hub to solve all your condition monitoring needs.


Operating Conditions 180° F at 265 PSI
203° F at 66 PSI
230° F at atmospheric pressure
-40° F minimum low temperature
Body Material Impact-resistant acrylic
Strong Large diameter and thickness for added strength
Outdoor Compatible UV-resistant & withstands long-term sun exposure
Threads 1" NPT male threads at each end
Breather Stainless steel sintered metal 3-micron breather
Level Rings Red and green polycarbonate level rings to mark running and idle oil levels. Each ring is tamper-proof and comes with hex key for repositioning.

Description Part Number A B C D
3-inch COLUMN.03 1.33" 3.0" 0.56" 0.25"
6-inch COLUMN.06 1.33" 6.0" 0.56" 0.25"
9-inch COLUMN.09 1.33" 9.0" 0.56" 0.25"
12-inch COLUMN.12 1.33" 12.0" 0.56" 0.25"
15-inch COLUMN.15 1.33" 15.0" 0.56" 0.25"
18-inch COLUMN.18 1.33" 18.0" 0.56" 0.25"
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