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Hydraulic Bench Vise

Posi Lock® Hydraulic Bench Vise

The PHV859A is a must-have for every workshop. Offering 5 tons of force and a hands-free operating design, this device can ease repetitive, heavy, over-sized, awkward or multi-piece jobs. The vise boasts 52,600 PSI tensile strength cast steel construction, and can operate in vertical and horizontal positions. The 8 inch jaws open to 8 inches. An air supply is required when using the hydraulic pump (90-175 PSI recommended); the vise may be used with other 10,000 PSI hydraulic pumps.

Available with Enerpac® or Power Team® components.


Components Model Number
5-Ton Hydraulic Vise PHV859A
Hold-Ets Magnetic Vise Clips* HE3
Hydraulic Components Enerpac® Power Team®
10,000 PSI Foot Pump PA-133 PA6
Gauge, Adapter, Hose, Coupler included - -

*Our HE3 Magnetic Vise Clips are a perfect complement to the PHV859A vise.