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Non Sparking Tools

Non Sparking Tools

Ampco Safety Tools is the world's first manufacturer to manufacture the finest non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant bronze hand tools in USA. Ampco Safety Tools are produced from materials that have a reduced risk of generating sparks and for use in safety-sensitive applications to reduce the risk of injury to the user, which can result in a fire or explosion, causing personal injury and/or property loss. These unique tools are often referred to as non-sparking, or "spark-reduced" safety tools. Ampco Safety Tools offer the additional product features of being non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant.

The alloys used to produce Ampco Safety Tools have been approved by Factory Mutual Research Corporation for non-sparking use since 1937. Factory Mutual is an OSHA Recognized Testing Laboratory for the testing and certification of certain equipment and materials. Ampco Safety Tools are backed by Lifetime Warranty http://www.ampcosafetytools.com/catalog.php.

The use of non-sparking tools is required by many government workplace safety organizations, insurance companies, and corporate safety officers.

Ampco Safety Tools is a proud manufacturer to offer 2200 the widest, most comprehensive line of non-sparking, non-magnetic, corrosion resistant hand tools in both Imperial (English) and Metric sizes.

The tools are produced from a range of alloys developed by Ampco and tailored to meet the specific mechanical requirements of the hand tools.